Pine Straw

Most people thing that the mulch is just the stuff you fill in  underneath bushes and shrubs. However, that mulch plays a crucial role in the landscaping sustainability as well as the appearance.

Pine straw mulch provides a valuable and organic option and is a huge savings for traditional mulch products. Pine straw traditionally comes in bales is much lighter than other mulches and you can simply shake it where you want to place it and in much less time that bagged mulch.

Additionally, pine straw is much more eco-friendly and since you don’t have to cut down a tree to make bark mulch, pine straw is naturally collected, as trees shed their needles. have

And then there’s the simple fact that you don’t need to cut down a tree to make pine straw mulch. Pine trees naturally shed their needles. So all your have to do as I understand it is gather up the needles from underneath the pine trees, pack them into bales and cart them away as mulch.

Plus it looks great, is easier to maintain and lasts longer, too.

The Facts About Pine straw

Used as a cosmetic boost and to cover ugly weeds and lonely hills pine straw should never wash away in moderate rain as it sticks together and interlocks. A good pine straw installation should look like a fluffy golden cloud caressing around your tress shrubs and landscaping and should be replaced twice a year to keep up the southern charm of any property. Tucked and Rolled edges are ROUND so there is no cutting corners.

Most pets stay away from pine straw but should they venture into it there are no safety hazards, maybe just a few straw sticky pine needles which are completely harmless.

Most HOAs require pine straw to maintain the integrity of your community thus; adding VALUE to your home or commercial property.

Pine straw , we’ve all seen it and we all need it , but why go to all the trouble if its not going improve the overall appearance of your property. Let us take the guess work out of pine straw for you. We pick it fresh, deliver install & professionally place it AND when you’re ready we’ll even replace it.

we can assist in boosting the appearance of your landscape aesthetics. we are open range outpost and we are the needle in the haystack when it comes to dressing your property up with the top tier of pine straw available. commercial, residential, apartments

Lets face it pine straw is important, not only does it prevent the ugly appearance of weeds, its required by most HOAS because adds esthetic value to any outdoor area (residential commercial apartments). the higher and fluffier the better. ORO strictly uses the tuck and roll technique and our standards our as high as we lay our straw.

If given the opportunity to earn your business we will ensure and guarantee the WOW factor a good pine straw installation should display on your investments.

HIGH QUALITY Pine straw is the statement that you want to make on your street or business park, its the finishing touch to any home and a staple to real southern curb appeal. Don’t risk paying for something that isn’t going enhance and amplify the appearance of your space.

Contact Open Range TODAY and let us help you transform your yard into a beautiful display.

Benefits of Pine Straw

Impact the environment

Pine Straw is environmentally efficient. Pine trees simply shed their needles and you instantly have mulch.

Easy to Use

Simply put, pine straw is easier to distribute since it isn't packaged in plastic, but small simple bales that are light weight.

Money Saving

Pine straw offers a much less costly option compared with normal, large bags of bark mulch.

Easy to Install

Pine straw is not only easy to distribute, but it's also easy to re-arrange and it stays in place as well.