Christmas Trees

It’s that time of the year, or at least it’s getting close. Nothing brings friends and family together more than a Christmas Tree. Well, Open Range Outpost is stocking up on a variety of trees, both large and small to fit whatever holiday need you may have this season. 

Come and view the newly available, fresh cut Christmas Trees at Open Range Outpost. Come and peruse this weekend and plan your selection of a variety of tree types including spruce, Douglas fir, pine and more. Whether you are needing just a tree or multiple trees for both indoor and outdoor decorations, we will have the right size and right selection for you. And we have flocking service to provide that magical and perfect snow-covered Christmas tree you love.

What About Garland and Christmas Wreaths?

An elegant touch for the season are holiday garlands or wreaths for stairways, banisters and fireplace mantels that tie in the rustic beauty of the complete holiday season. We’ve got wreathes for the doors and other decorations that will create an entirely unique holiday environment for your home. Let Open Range Outpost help you create the perfect look for you.


Come and visit all our things for Christmas Trees. We can guide you in your decision process to get the right tree for you and your family.

Gift Wrapping:  Our helpful staff have your back, whether you’re taking it down the street or have a long drive, we’ll ensure your selected Christmas tree will be gift wrapped nice and tight to protect your vehicle and the tree during the drive home.

REMEMBER OUR HIGH QUALITY Pine straw this fall that keeps your flowerbeds and landscape in place. We’ll help you make the statement that you want to make on your street or business park, its the finishing touch to any home and a staple to real southern curb appeal this holiday season. Don’t risk paying for something that isn’t going enhance and amplify the appearance of your space.

Contact Open Range TODAY and let us help you transform your home and yard into a beautiful display.


Benefits of Pine Straw

Impact the environment

Pine Straw is environmentally efficient. Pine trees simply shed their needles and you instantly have mulch.

Easy to Use

Simply put, pine straw is easier to distribute since it isn't packaged in plastic, but small simple bales that are light weight.

Money Saving

Pine straw offers a much less costly option compared with normal, large bags of bark mulch.

Easy to Install

Pine straw is not only easy to distribute, but it's also easy to re-arrange and it stays in place as well.